Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brows & Bridal Beauty Prep

The Perfect Brow, A must for any Bride!

Every Bride has her Pre-Wedding "To Do" list! This particular post isn't just for Brides but also for any girl who wants to maintain flawless well groomed Brows. 

I will start however by addressing any beautiful Bride to be, I adore you and can't wait to make your already gorgeous self look fabulous for your day. I am gonna do something I dislike though....It's called BEGGING I am BEGGING you to please make sure to have your Brows done before your wedding! Opting not to do your brows on your Wedding day when you have invested in your gown, hair and makeup and much more is like having Caviar & Cristal on paper plates and plastic cups from the dollar store (NOT THAT I AM KNOCKING THE DOLLAR STORE!). It's just not right :(, no bueno!!!
 not doing brows .......it's just not an option! 

Brows are huge and often don't get the credit they deserve. Frankly put, they don't even get much product attention and kind of take a back seat. However, this couldn't be further from the truth! Brows are essential and very important when it comes to maintaining a flawless look and eyes that POP!  Many clients ask me what to do to make eyes pop and again this is a very overlooked step of maintenance. People automatically assume if they get the rainbow color palette from the MAC counter they are gonna have GAGA eyes and be Vogue ready but without properly groomed brows you just shot yourself in the foot. Trust me it will hurt. Especially when you are investing in pictures that will be with you for a lifetime. Ain't no turning back on that one. So please heed my friendly advice as I want to see you look your best!

Brows will not only enhance a great eyeshadow application but they will frame the face adding back youth (When done right:) and will be your cherry to your Sundae. Your platinum setting to your diamond and your....you get the point :)

So what advice I offer my Brides and what I have found looks the best is Eye Brow Threading. YES, when I have seen it done it's reminiscent of some torture device used in combat however, I know there are ladies out there that are doing fa more painful waxing that I won't mention because there are unattended children on the web and it also isn't for the faint of heart. Though I am not a fan of the movie itself, I have seen the You Tube clip of the Waxing Scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin and that in itself is enough to make me explore other choices. Given he is waxing his whole chest and we are just talking brows here I feel there are many pitfalls to waxing that leaves me preferring threading even more then I suggest it without needing extra reasons. 

Eye brow Threading is a great option because it does not break the skin the way waxing does or lift layers. There is also no risk of burning. you don't want to be that girl! One BIG thing for me that I don't like to see is when people get waxed (And it has happened to me) and you can see where the waxing stops. then the facial fine hair start again, a line of demarcation. Lastly, this being the KICKER makeup will not stick to areas that have been recently waxed. Waxing exfoliates the skin and the fresh new skin ain't having it! not good and with camera technology the way it is you can see it all. 

It never fails every Bride that has come to me having been threaded always has pristine brows and it never fails that when I ask what they did ....they had them threaded. So take it from all the bridal veterans and one more thing....this is NOT a DIY project :) I REPEAT NOT A DO IT YOURSELF PROJECT unless you want to come out looking like Scarface. I am not touching that one with a ten foot pole!

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