Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nurturing Force Special Product Offer!!

Hi Everyone !! I am welcoming back this video from the vault to bring you a special offer on this product!!

Nurturing Force will be offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING to all my clients, friends and fans till January 5th 2011!! Please enter "ANDREA" at checkout under comments to receive this special!! Check out the video for more information!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Fabulous find! A Drugstore Steal!!

There are a lot of fabulous products out there when it comes to makeup!! Not all of them have to break the piggy bank although it happens to the best of us!! Just because something is not sold in a department store doesn't mean we should always pass it up!! It may be surpising to some but there are some fabulous drugstore steals that are amazing!

Among these hidden gems is Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner. Honestly when I first saw it I almost didn't believe it either. This hot product in pretty amazing!! A friend introduced me to it and at first I really couldn't believe it and had to play with it immediately. I have to say this stuff is impressive!! It was packed with color pigment which had a rich color payoff and the staying power was very impressive! So much to say about this one!

So for starters the price alone for this quality product is a total steal! sold for $10.95.....and wait it get's better and this is when I feel like I am doing an get not 1, not 2 but 3 cream liner pots!! Also this great little set is even better because they have made sets for each eye color. While they all are great colors my favorite is the Brown Eye set even though I have hazel eyes so feel free to play around and switch it up. With the money you are saving you can buy and get more for your money then paying 14 for each individual pot like you might find at the department store brands and to be honest I was impressed with the quality of Physicians Formula when I compared the two!!

So here are some of the fast facts!!

>The longwearing, water resistant formula is smudge resistant and provides 24 hour definition. Perfect for those long night out on the town!

>Unique Gel Cream formula glides on effortlessly and smooth with the definition of a liquid eyeliner.

>Includes and eyeliner brush for application.

>Comes on colors intended for Brown, Blue, Green and Hazel eyes.

>Stackable pots keep you organized and can be pulled apart while on the go.

>Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist approved, Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

So I personally did some testing as that is just the way I am and i put some eyeliner lines on my hand and gave them the old hand wash test and the results were amazing they stayed on and without a budge!! So if you are looking for a great smudge proof find this stuff is it at a fraction of the cost of department store brands!! What is neat too is some of the colors will have a nice shimmer to them so it is always nice to spice things up a bit, I think!!

Let's give Physicians Formula a round of applause for this fabulous find at a steal!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Long, Farewell!!!!

It is a sad but true moment I have to face. With regret I have learned I must say goodbye to Bare Escentuals Renew and Reveal facial cleanser. They announced on their website that come 2011 it will no longer be = sadness. Bittersweet is the moment I saw that is was 30% off. The combination of the sale and the goodbye is very tempting to turn me into a hoarder to buy every single bottle left in stock.

So here goes it for the final time on this product, a brief description of why you too should buy stock in this phenomenal wonder in a bottle!!

When I was first shown the product it was pretty amazing. It does come in powder form first off. I was shown that when you mix it with water into a foamy like lather then apply it to your hand you will see very easily that after you wipe it off that the skin on that looks hand INSTANTLY looks better then the other hand. While the NON TEST hand had skin that was dull and lifeless the TEST HAND had skin that looked renewed, refreshed and altogether brighter!! It sits in my bathroom as we speak and I love it!!

I will say if you are of a dryer skin type maybe substitute it as an exfoliator and cleanser in one twice a week although it does say it is for all skin types. But give it a shot first as everyone's skin is different. It exfoliates in such an amazing way it keeps me coming back for more and more and more and....o.k. I think you get the point I am trying to convey.

It is a powder like consistency that you mix with water. It is water activate. The great thing is you have control over how much you add. This is wonderful because you can use it as a deeper exfoliant by adding less water and keeping it more of a granule type substance. Used as a cleanser alone it gently exfoliates and reveals younger looking fresher and smoother skin!

Here is the skinny on the ingredients!! It has something called Rare Active Soil Complex. It reawakens cells to boost cell turnover. The healthy antioxidants and soothing botanicals reveal healthier skin! According to Sephora, "It contains every beneficial mineral, macro and micro!" It also defends against environmental damage!

No parabens, NO soaps, NO detergents, NO sulfates, NO synthetic fragrances, NO synthetic dyes, NO petro, NO chemicals, NO phthalates., NO harsh abrasives or other skin irritating chemicals. NONE~NUNCA~NADA~ZIPPO~ZILCH~ZERO~

Always keep in mind skin absorbs moisture BEST when it is still wet. I personally love a misting toner or refreshing spray after the shower then I apply my moisturizer so it absorbs better!! If using a primer that will always go on after the moisturizer!! Add some makeup the Finite!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot

I would love to introduce you to a fabulous Jewelry line called Stella & Dot that I ADORE and have become an Independent Stylist with!

I will start by saying I was never a Jewelry kind of gal! Give me a blush brush and some makeup and I would call it a day! When I was first introduced to Stella & Dot, a boutique style jewelry line at affordable prices, I loved me some!!! When I wear this stuff it almost never fails, people stop me and compliment the pieces. Then loved me some husband started to get mildly nervous I am sure, he is o.k. now though, now that he has seen how much all the women love it and since partnering with it he can now sit back and relax and know every piece I buy is an investment! Men like that word INVESTMENT :) So do I considering Stella & dot is a great one to make!

The company prides themselves on "Being a company inspired by and created for strong woman. Named after our beloved grandmothers, Stella & Dot honors that generation of women who crossed oceans, rolled up their sleeves, won the vote, raised kids, went off to work, and did it all with style and grace. Today, this is how they'd do it." ....and women are eating it up!!!

Styles that women love from everyday pieces to glam runway handmade pieces which happen to be my favorite delight!! This line is highly recognized by a large celebrity following who flaunt their couture style. It also gets plenty of media attention being on shows such as Dancing With the Stars, The Bachelor Pad and graces itself across many Fashion Publications such as Lucky, In Style, Rebook and plenty more.

Currently they have five lines:

The Vintage Luxe Collection which is couture like fashion for everyday wear adorned with fine detail.

The Metro Chic Collection that is femininity paired with a edgy twist with handmade pieces.

The Day to Night Collection that can pair with anything from tee shirt and jeans to that little black dress.

The La Coco Collection inspired by Coco Chanel mix and match pieces to create your own classic style.

The Little Girls Collection a great collection for the prized possessions in our life!

The website even has a link under Trends that features their Bridal Collection which is perfect for Brides and make great gifts for the Bridal Party and Family as a way of saying, "Thank you for being part of my special day" or maybe just something to wear for years to come as the pieces range from Glam Runway Trends to timeless and classic!!!

Dont miss Black Friday 25% off any item!! Enter Promo Code usfam10 at checkout!
November 25 & 26 ONLY!

SHOP my boutique at:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blossoming Blessings Bridal Design

I would like to introduce all my Brides and future Brides to Blossoming Blessings! Rose of Blossoming Blessings actually happens to be my wonderful Mother in Law. Although I love to pass business her way when you see her work and meet Rose you will actually realize she is a phenomenal Floral Designer and I am not just trying to get her work, she definitely doesn't need my help in that area as she already has a successful business. However we have decided to join efforts which is wonderful news! Rose is no stranger to the industry as she has been working in this industry for over 35 years. Having worked in wholesale, Florist shops and personally doing centerpiece and floral design for Amarante's Sea Cliff she has the expertise and knowledge you want when it comes to flowers for your special day! Rose is very creative with her designs and can give you a very affordable wedding at no compromise on quality. She personally did my wedding and pretty much all my friends. From the beginning to the end Rose's involvement and customer service as you will see is to go above and beyond for her Bride's. So please stop by Rose's page on Facebook and be sure to check out her Designs or just to show love and support by becoming a Fan and liking her page. Just let her know I sent you!!!!

Also I am sure people will read this post whom Rose has already done beautiful work for so be sure to leave a comment and show your support on her page!!! thank you all for the love!!

I have posted some of her work below. It was very hard to pick between all of the custom pieces so I choose a few but be sure to check out her work on her page!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Beautiful Bride at the Eolia Mansion in CT

The Eolia Mansion
ford CT

This is actually the second post on a wedding venue in a row. I am not forgetting about makeup, it is just I love nothing more then to write on things that inspire me. In my travels as a Makeup Artist working on brides I am blessed with the fabulous opportunity to come across some pretty neat places. This is another much talked about Venue in Waterford, CT in Harkness State Park.

Right of the back this place reminded me of one of the Newport Mansions. You don't expect the view in the back to be so amazing but when you see it, it takes your breath away. I am definitely not a photographer and these few pictures do this place NO justice. This mansion sits on over 230 acres of lavish green lawns and has 42 rooms. Overlooking the ocean and adorned with beautiful and lavish gardens that change with the seasons. To think that at some point this belonged to someone as their home is astounding. I long for the day I can wake up in a place like this!! Even if it just on vacation!

When it comes to weddings, you can choose where to exchange your vows. Whether it be in the Pergola and covered Tea Room with views of the award winning Italian Gardens and beautiful ocean views or you may choose the Sea Side Amphitheater which is surrounded by all of the beauty of nature. Either way you cannot go wrong as both provide breathtaking views!

The history of this home dates back to 1906 when it was built and the purchased in 1907 by Edward and Mary Harkness to be used as there summer home. "Eolia" was named after the island home of the Greek god of winds. Edward was heir to a fortune of his father's investments in John D. Rockefellers Standard Oil. He also gave many charitable gifts in his time and was a noted philanthropist. The mansion was left to the State of Connecticut in 1950 and became a part of the State Park System in 1952.

Whether you are planning the day of your dreams or just simply a history buff looking to explore the grounds, Eolia should be on your "To-Do" list. At the very least, simply pack a lunch and enjoy the park!

You can check out the website down below for months of availability or to check out the information on mansion tours.


Friday, September 3, 2010

A Winvian Wedding

As a Professional Makeup Artist, a good portion of my business is comprised of doing makeup for weddings. In my travels I sometimes I come upon a place that captures my attention. This was the case with one of my recent weddings I had the honor to be a part of.

Before going to the wedding I had done some research on the location as I do from time to time. When I had arrived on this site I knew it was quite different! I had actually seen this resort on t.v. at one point. Once I realized where I would be going I was beyond thrilled and couldn't wait to arrive! That was if I could find it! One of the wonderful things about this resort is how secluded it is. It is tucked away in the Litchfield hills. What a wonderful place if you are planning and event of any kind or just looking for some much needed R & R. Upon entering I had to receive clearance to get in. Did I mention privacy?? If you don't have a good reason to get into the won't! So if privacy and seclusion is what you are looking for you have certainly found it. Speaking of privacy the grounds were being set up for the ceremony which was so enchanting. One of the ceremony locations offered today was a short walk through a small field that opened up to a pond surrounded by nothing but the resort and nature at it's best. It was simply beautiful and straight out of someones imagination. Elegant, charming and enchanting!

One of the other really cool things that makes this place really shine are the unique themed cottages that adorn the property. Each cottage comes with two bicycles for your use. When I pulled up to the cottage I was going to I saw these two bicycles on the patio and it evoked feelings of vacation, relaxation and operating at a whole different pace of life, it was charming and quaint to say the least. I wanted to roll up my pant legs and run through the grass carefree and able to unwind with nothing on the agenda but simply whatever I pleased. Upon the 113 acres of lush greens you will find the 18 uniquely themed cottages crafted by many architects. I promise you this place is like no other! There is a main building and a spa for you to unwind and indulge your senses!

Some of the cottages you will find on the property are The Treehouse, Helicopter Cottage, Golf cottage, Stone Cottage, The Log Cabin and many more. Some cottages are also dog friendly should you not want to leave your best friend at home! they have taken it all into consideration. Whatever your pleasure you are sure to find a cottage that will far exceed your imagination. Entertaining all the senses. Complimentary for your use you will find muck boots and wet weather gear, Games Room, Fitness Equipment, Playground, snowshoes, bikes and concierge service. Should you decide to go off site they offer Mercedes Benz for your use.

If you are adventurous and find yourself the type that wants to explore, no worries they accommodate that too! Once you are done exploring your cottage of choice there are many activities to find yourself able to enjoy! Winvian offers many things to tickle your fancy. whether it be hiking, biking or snow shoeing. Also nearby you can find activities such as Hot Air Ballooning, Fly Fishing, Glass Blowing, Kayaking, Horseback riding and more. The opportunities are endless.

Winvian may be private and secluded but you wont have a hard time finding them in the press. They have been featured in over fifty publications which include but are not limited to Conde Nast Traveler,National Geographic Traveler, New York Post, LA Times, British Vogue, Instyle..just to name a few.

Whether you intend to have a meeting or are planning your wedding the Winvian is Connecticut's hidden treasure! Check out their website for more information at! Be sure to check out all the cottages. Sit back relax and enjoy the view!

Professional Photographs by Angela Hanlon of Hanlon Photography, check out some of her great work at You can also see some of her work on my website at Thanks for reading! Feedback is always welcomed!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


My friend, Lili Lutu of Lili's Wedding Corner is sponsoring a contest right now on her blog. It is solely for Brides. Lili custom designs jewelry for every occasion. If you are a bride who wants to stand out among the rest, look no further!! Lili's custom pieces are works of art, elegant and are the perfect piece to compliment you on your wedding day!

This fabulous pedicure set!

If you are a bride, this contest is for you! I am sure you have been planning your wedding like it is another full time job so why shouldn't you pamper yourself with this great pedicure set!

To win this fabulous gift please leave a comment on Lili's blog under her Pedicure Contest Post. In your comment please include how you got to her page. Please copy and paste her web address in your browser:

Winner will be chosen at random on August 19th at 1900EST. The name will be posted on her blog on August 20th so be sure to check back on her blog to see if you are the winner!!! The winner will have two days to contact her.

Please support Lili by following her blog! Also be sure to check out her website at:

Also stay tuned on MY BLOG as Lili will also be featuring a contest on MY BLOG as well!! You won't want to miss it!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday's Bride

Friday's Bride

The day started with a bit of dismal weather that I noticed on my drive to meet with my Bride for her big day. I was hoping the weather would hold out for her. Either way I needed something that would hold up and do the job.

I have mentioned my love in previous posts for Makeup Forever Invisible HD Foundation. Just when you thought it could not get any did. The product is not new to the market but I love it like I just met it yesterday! Makeup forever Mix and Fix Spray!! I will include a link to it at the end of this post. Makeup Forever has a boutique in NYC where you can also place orders via phone. If you don't live
near the city you can also find these great products at your
local Sephora.

Before I myself personally used this product I read reviews that the Mist and Fix Spray by MUFE held up pretty well. It Helped the makeup last through more challenging weather elements. There were mixed reviews as you will find even with the best stuff. I always encourage people to do their homework on a product but keep in mind, we are all made differently and all have different preferences. With that said maybe buying from a place with a good return policy is enough to give some extra reassurance. So be sure to ask about that policy before you make the purchase.

I did some testing on it to see how it held up to saline (The closest thing to tears I could find at the moment).The first test I did was to put on the HD Foundation by MUFE (No Primer, which I do suggest you put on) I put a darker shade then my color on my arm. I Sprayed it with the Mist and Fix and put it to the test. I ran the saline down it and it really didn't do much of anything. This impressed me as when I ran saline down other brands it left a SOLID mark. Now I know by nature foundation that is silicone based will have more lasting power, which the MUFE does. I did not check out the staying power/saline resistance of foundation alone without setting spray, so maybe you prefer to wait till my research experiment is complete. That will be another project on my "To Do" list. I know this product claims to increase longevity under extreme conditions. So when you touch a tissue to it it will make a demarcation mark. Also tried it up to water and jumped in the shower although not water "PROOF" the results still impressed me. had water running on it and help well. it did start to wear off a little and if I put my finger through it, again you see a demarcation line. When i got out of the shower there was still a slight bit on and in the end I did have to rub firmly to try and remove the last bit. Overall I was impressed. I mean I showered with it!!

The things I would mention that would be a con for this product are that when you spray it, the mist may not be an even fine spray. I have even heard it suggested sometimes to spray on a tissue then pat on the face. I just spray it right on and seem to be fine. It does have a very light scent but no big deal. Sometimes a spray like this can feel slightly tacky so that it can do it's job (is my guess). However I have achieved good results and have had happy clients!

Back of bottle says: "Mist & Fix, a light and comfortable spray containing Chitosan marine extracts, sets makeup perfectly and acts as an invisible barrier against extreme conditions (environmental pollutants, temperature changes, etc...)
Instructions for use;
Spray 12-16 inches from face, eyes closed. Use over foundation for more longevity or after completed makeup application. Let dry and if needed carefully blot excess of with tissue."
It is also said to be alcohol free, which is always great! Lastly they recommend for refreshing makeup "Spray Mist & Fix on a thick tissue and pat gently on the face to refresh your makeup. then apply a veil of compact powder to give your complexion a velvety texture for the evening."

I touched base with my clients from the wedding I just did Friday and got good feedback. As one client put it, "It lasted all night!" So the weather might not have turned out to be perfect. One thing they could bet on though was there makeup would hold up to their expectations!!

Here is the link I mentioned earlier from Sephora:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Savings when you shop Sedona Lace

So Sedona Lace is a upcoming cosmetic company that is breaking ground!! You might have noticed this 12 piece brush set they have just unveiled which is currently being offered on sale. It also comes with a beautiful brush roll holder to keep your new set of brushes. Best yet, Sedona lace is offering a discount on products when you shop on their site at and enter in Promo Code, "Andrea" at checkout. Don't miss out on this great offer!! Brushes are currently sold out but will be restocking very soon. Seems to be a HOT item!! Be sure to order soon so you don't miss yours!

Sedona Lace & Couture Nerd Contest Giveaway!!!


Spread the word!

Sedona Lace will be giving away a fabulous 88 shimmer palette!!!!


This will lead you to the BLOG of Couture Nerd who will be hosting this contest.

Contest rules are posted on the page for this fabulous giveaway.

Also consider becoming a fan or friend of Sedona Lace on Facebook! They have some really cool products you won't want to miss and are wonderful about offering giveaways to all us makeup lovers. Or check out their website if you would like to know more about what they have to offer at: If your like me and enjoy having every color of the rainbow at your fingertips then this palette is for you!! I entered one of their contests recently and won the brush set so be sure to stay tuned as I will be posting a review for that soon enough. Till next time........

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My August Bride

My August Bride

These are some pictures I am posting of my last bridal trial for one of my August Brides! Have I mentioned yet how absolutely stunning she is?? Can't wait to be there for her wedding day she is gonna be a gorgeous bride!

So we discussed a lot about makeup products at her trial. One of my greatest passions is product knowledge. Although I'm no scientist and sometimes I question whether the left side of my brain has had it's V8 yet today I love knowing what makes a product so great or less then great. I love learning about ingredients and anything I can really. most of all I really enjoy passing what I learn onto others.

One thing I discovered recently is that makeup doesn't have to be expensive to be fabulous!! I will talk more about that and give some great examples in some later posts. For now I want to focus on a wonderful product by Makeup Forever HD Invisible Foundation. This stuff is it!!! it is "THE BEE"S KNEES". I will talk a little but about it in a minute. I will definitely get into some features and benefits of this great product line as we all want to know, "What's in it for me??", and I will tell you!!!

So my bride was gonna really put this stuff to the test. What I do know is I told her how confident I was in this product. I had just used it on a photo shoot at the beach in the sun. We started the day of the shoot around 9 a.m. (Girls got to get her beauty sleep :) ) makeup was applied, we ate, we hit the beach on a windy day but the temperatures were pretty balmy. One of those days where you get in the car and feel like your makeup could be sliding down into your lap because the heat is so intense. Then we ate some more and when I went to do a touch up on the makeup between shoots and after meals I was surprised and delighted to find there wasn't much work for me to do. It was like the winning the publishers clearinghouse:)) Who has still yet to come to my door! Anyway this product lasted all day with such minimal touch up I was totally wowed! We ended the day at around nine p.m. and through intense heat, wind, food and more food it held up and exceeded my expectations.

My second test was to apply a rather much darker shade to my arm and set it with makeup Forever's Mist and Fix Spray. to see how the water resisting qualities were. So I decided best thing to do with it would be jump in the shower:) first I tried trickling some water on my arm and it was what I would consider minimally affected. I have seen makeup run and leave marks like nobodies business so i considered this pretty good. I jump in the shower it is my arm. I made sure it was wet. I then rubbed my finger across the stuff and it did cause a line (what would you expect after direct contact with water in the shower) but still was impressed at it's staying power of the HD foundation with the Mist and Fix Setting Spray that I have been told makes it water resistant. The part that didn't have my finger mark was there after direct contact with water. I love testing this stuff! But i get out of the shower and some is still on the arm I had to get a tissue and work it off. I would say this is pretty stinking good!!!

So lastly to testify to this product I put my August Bride to the test and sure enough it passed with flying colors. She was gonna be sure to keep her eye well focused on how it's lasting power was and when she tested it, it tested her right back. Another success story when it comes to Makeup Forever HD Invisible Foundation.

I will share a bit of product info. This stuff can be used even to help conceal! Before HD television came out products were composed of particles that had sharper edges. Then HD has entered the picture and it picks up EVERYTHING!!! Along comes this product that is made up of spherical particles that have round edges that the camera doesn't detect, HENCE the INVISIBLE Foundation! It looks flawless and comes in so many colors you can mix and match and even create more colors of your own! This product won the Allure Editor's Choice Awards. So this is a silicone based product is great because it is oil free and silicone molecules are too large to clog pores build up on the skin or look cakey. You can build your coverage and it wont look like a mask and it self sets. It is great on any skin type. The product will not feel heavy or look thick, yet has amazing coverage but is invisible. This is great for HD cameras. They are made to detect things six times closer then the natural eye can see. If it looks great on a camera that detect things six times closer then the natural eye can see then it will look great for every day use!!! This product locks and binds in moisture and will enhance any moisturizing product you might have on underneath. All skin types need moisture EVEN oily skin. It is a common mistake for people with oily skin to refrain from moisturizing but your skin will produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture making your problem worse. HD Invisibile Foundation also has a type of mica in it that is not your standard Mica. Your standard Mica is diamond shaped and will mirror back light where this form of mica will diffuse the light and actually help to minimize the appearance of any imperfections. You will find a very movable finish that moves with you and doesn't look or feel like a mask. So there you have it!!

In my opinion they sure broke the mold. try it out for yourself and see if it doesn't work wonders for you! This is a product you can feel good about wearing it won't just hide imperfections but has some benefits that make it well worth wearing!!!

Till next time,