Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Long, Farewell!!!!

It is a sad but true moment I have to face. With regret I have learned I must say goodbye to Bare Escentuals Renew and Reveal facial cleanser. They announced on their website that come 2011 it will no longer be = sadness. Bittersweet is the moment I saw that is was 30% off. The combination of the sale and the goodbye is very tempting to turn me into a hoarder to buy every single bottle left in stock.

So here goes it for the final time on this product, a brief description of why you too should buy stock in this phenomenal wonder in a bottle!!

When I was first shown the product it was pretty amazing. It does come in powder form first off. I was shown that when you mix it with water into a foamy like lather then apply it to your hand you will see very easily that after you wipe it off that the skin on that looks hand INSTANTLY looks better then the other hand. While the NON TEST hand had skin that was dull and lifeless the TEST HAND had skin that looked renewed, refreshed and altogether brighter!! It sits in my bathroom as we speak and I love it!!

I will say if you are of a dryer skin type maybe substitute it as an exfoliator and cleanser in one twice a week although it does say it is for all skin types. But give it a shot first as everyone's skin is different. It exfoliates in such an amazing way it keeps me coming back for more and more and more and....o.k. I think you get the point I am trying to convey.

It is a powder like consistency that you mix with water. It is water activate. The great thing is you have control over how much you add. This is wonderful because you can use it as a deeper exfoliant by adding less water and keeping it more of a granule type substance. Used as a cleanser alone it gently exfoliates and reveals younger looking fresher and smoother skin!

Here is the skinny on the ingredients!! It has something called Rare Active Soil Complex. It reawakens cells to boost cell turnover. The healthy antioxidants and soothing botanicals reveal healthier skin! According to Sephora, "It contains every beneficial mineral, macro and micro!" It also defends against environmental damage!

No parabens, NO soaps, NO detergents, NO sulfates, NO synthetic fragrances, NO synthetic dyes, NO petro, NO chemicals, NO phthalates., NO harsh abrasives or other skin irritating chemicals. NONE~NUNCA~NADA~ZIPPO~ZILCH~ZERO~

Always keep in mind skin absorbs moisture BEST when it is still wet. I personally love a misting toner or refreshing spray after the shower then I apply my moisturizer so it absorbs better!! If using a primer that will always go on after the moisturizer!! Add some makeup the Finite!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot


I would love to introduce you to a fabulous Jewelry line called Stella & Dot that I ADORE and have become an Independent Stylist with!

I will start by saying I was never a Jewelry kind of gal! Give me a blush brush and some makeup and I would call it a day! When I was first introduced to Stella & Dot, a boutique style jewelry line at affordable prices, I loved me some!!! When I wear this stuff it almost never fails, people stop me and compliment the pieces. Then loved me some more....my husband started to get mildly nervous I am sure, he is o.k. now though, now that he has seen how much all the women love it and since partnering with it he can now sit back and relax and know every piece I buy is an investment! Men like that word INVESTMENT :) So do I considering Stella & dot is a great one to make!

The company prides themselves on "Being a company inspired by and created for strong woman. Named after our beloved grandmothers, Stella & Dot honors that generation of women who crossed oceans, rolled up their sleeves, won the vote, raised kids, went off to work, and did it all with style and grace. Today, this is how they'd do it." ....and women are eating it up!!!

Styles that women love from everyday pieces to glam runway handmade pieces which happen to be my favorite delight!! This line is highly recognized by a large celebrity following who flaunt their couture style. It also gets plenty of media attention being on shows such as Dancing With the Stars, The Bachelor Pad and graces itself across many Fashion Publications such as Lucky, In Style, Rebook and plenty more.

Currently they have five lines:

The Vintage Luxe Collection which is couture like fashion for everyday wear adorned with fine detail.

The Metro Chic Collection that is femininity paired with a edgy twist with handmade pieces.

The Day to Night Collection that can pair with anything from tee shirt and jeans to that little black dress.

The La Coco Collection inspired by Coco Chanel mix and match pieces to create your own classic style.

The Little Girls Collection a great collection for the prized possessions in our life!

The website even has a link under Trends that features their Bridal Collection which is perfect for Brides and make great gifts for the Bridal Party and Family as a way of saying, "Thank you for being part of my special day" or maybe just something to wear for years to come as the pieces range from Glam Runway Trends to timeless and classic!!!


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blossoming Blessings Bridal Design

I would like to introduce all my Brides and future Brides to Blossoming Blessings! Rose of Blossoming Blessings actually happens to be my wonderful Mother in Law. Although I love to pass business her way when you see her work and meet Rose you will actually realize she is a phenomenal Floral Designer and I am not just trying to get her work, she definitely doesn't need my help in that area as she already has a successful business. However we have decided to join efforts which is wonderful news! Rose is no stranger to the industry as she has been working in this industry for over 35 years. Having worked in wholesale, Florist shops and personally doing centerpiece and floral design for Amarante's Sea Cliff she has the expertise and knowledge you want when it comes to flowers for your special day! Rose is very creative with her designs and can give you a very affordable wedding at no compromise on quality. She personally did my wedding and pretty much all my friends. From the beginning to the end Rose's involvement and customer service as you will see is to go above and beyond for her Bride's. So please stop by Rose's page on Facebook and be sure to check out her Designs or just to show love and support by becoming a Fan and liking her page. Just let her know I sent you!!!!

Also I am sure people will read this post whom Rose has already done beautiful work for so be sure to leave a comment and show your support on her page!!! thank you all for the love!!


I have posted some of her work below. It was very hard to pick between all of the custom pieces so I choose a few but be sure to check out her work on her page!!