Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adele Grammy Makeup Look 1

Adele's Grammy Makeup Look #1 0f 2

Soooooooo Excited to share!!!!!
Stay tuned for Look #2.... It is my favorite!!!

Before & After

I didn't use these particular ones (Demi Wispies, My Favorite) from Ardell but these are a great choice!

We used these Ardell lashes in "Babies"and added a second layer for more DRAMA with individual lashes like Adele had.

Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Pencil in 8C, Makeup Forever Lip Palette refills in #207 (I believe) & 415.

I used Style Blush by MAC, Gingerly Blush by MAC to contour the cheek hallows and Matte Bronze to also contour the cheek hallows.

On the eyes I used Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer Eye Primer (Not seen here) and Blanc Type eyeshadow and Saddle Eyeshadow by MAC.

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in 2L. We also used Makeup Forever Aqua Black on top for the Gel liner. It is technically a cream shadow but BEST gel liner I have ever seen!(No picture of it here yet but it is in video, an all black round container.)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What a guy wants...What a guy needs....

For most girls, around the time she gets her first Barbie doll a phenomenon begins to happen.  It's as if someone flipped a switch on in her brain. She starts to dream about and plan for one of the biggest days of her life! HER WEDDING DAY!!! 

That may seem awfully young but we can't help it, we are girls and it is as natural for us as  our love for shoes and makeup. It is in our blood!

So as we get older those images start to take form. Some girls as they grow to be women may even start a scrapbook or tuck away ideas to remember when the time is right. Some girls even have the wedding planned before their prince gets a chance to come on the scene. TRUE STORY!!! Then there are girls that the second that ring hits the finger and possibly sooner it's as if she just got passed a baton and is running for her dear life to get to the finish line. Whichever way it happens one big thing I think we tend to often overlook in the hustle and bustle and excitement of planning is.........what might the groom want????

In all seriousness though, I think it is important to remember that it is his day too! Now your groom might not particularly care to have any say or any part of the planning or any special requests!  However, I think even if he doesn't, there are some nice things we can do to make him feel a part of the day besides simply showing up.  I know my dear hubby just wanted to walk into the reception to "Eye of the Tiger" and he doesn't ask for much so when he does I know it means something to him. I wanted his wish to be granted. I even went a step further and let his friends do a special skit from the Blues Brother's as my husband loved that movie.  It really made his day and in the end he has some special moments to reflect back on that are his own that he enjoyed and it wasn't just all pink flowers, hearts, cupcakes and girly things.

To give you another example, one which I absolutely thought was great, someone  decided to go off the beaten path and have some fun.  I give the Bride kudos!! The Groom got his wish granted and the picture speaks for itself....

I think Jim Carrey would agree these men looked pretty classy in orange and powder blue! It was fun for the guys and they actually had something special to look forward to and talk about for years to come!  Guys thrive on that stuff!! They walk away feeling like "The Man" and there is no greater gift!

Now if Dumb and Dumber doesn't really line up with your idea of Bridal Fashion that's o.k.! There are many things you can do to include your Groom in on his day. Another idea is a Groom's cake.  The great thing about this is you really get to be creative and personalize this cake for any special interest or hobby or occupation he may have. The best is keeping it a surprise till it comes out on the wedding day.

In the end it is important to remember it is HIS day too! Maybe the Blues Brothers is a bit much for you and an orange and powder blue tux doesn't exactly fit into "Kleinfelds expectations" but try to remember its his day too! Give him something to be excited about. Be creative and come up with a little something special for him!! After all, isn't he the reason your showing up that day? When you see the smile on his face you won't be sorry!