Friday, April 20, 2012



Tag along with me as I bring you through each photo below! Maybe next time we can meet up there and say hello! For now......big blogging hugs!

So myface cosmetics decided to send me on a little rendezvous to NYC to attend the IMATS in their honor and report live via twitter all the hot happenings to my fashionista's! For those of you pretties that couldn't make it I wanted to make sure you didn't miss a thing! that's what friends are for!

 Here I the car anxiously awaiting arrival :) For my eyes I wore some sweet myface cosmetic eyeshadow blingtones (LOVE) in bellbottom blues, carribean queen and gilt-y (HOT HOT HOT) I also blended one of their new duo shadows in Italian Ice Eye Art Shadow in Pop Culture.

 Arrival at Pier 94! Something about the Manhattan Piers brings me back to vacay mode, maybe it's all those cruise ships i want to so badly be floating away on. I am a beach girl at heart but I love the buzz of the city and the feel of the water. It was a gorgeous day as well. So we arrived at ten and started our day! I couldn't wait to get inside and check out all the excitement! There have been many bloggers and makeup addicts anxiously awaiting this day! For those of you who have never been, consider it a makeup lovers dream! Many wonderful makeup brands (that you can't always have easy access to) under one roof discounted prices. There are also a lot of guests speakers that are usually award winning celebrity artists that you can check out. I always love watching to see what people have on their hit list to buy!  You also get to see some amazing trends and some little extras like the special effects makeup competition they had going on this year along with the Makeup Museum. if you haven't gone yet be sure to check it out next year as it is open to the public and no need to be a fancy schmancy particular person everyone and anyone is welcome, but your shmancy fancy anyways to me!

First things first, word to the wise and not so wise :) Order tickets in advance online. you will pay less AND not have to wait in the long lines. It is always a brilliant idea! Especially since Saturday sold out Friday evening. Nothing quite like traveling two hours to be told you got to go home! Waaaaaaaaaa!

 First I found this fabulous man! Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist/Beauty Guru/Absolutely Wonderful Kevin James Bennett! When I have questions on a product I always know I can turn to "In My Kit" to check out what's hot now! He is a sweetheart and brilliant makeup artist! Adore!

Look who I found!!! From Jerseylicious "Gatsby to Go" & The Glam Fairy! Fabulicious!!! They were so sweet! I shared some myface cosmetics love with them and they shared their smiles!

Julie G Beauty, one of your "GO TO" girls for beauty, graced her beautiful presence at the IMATS what a pleasure to meet her! thanks for taking the time to say hello Julie!



and.....last but definitely not least known for her awesome eyeshadow skillz :) and creative abilities with the brush the talented Queen of Blending!!!

 I also stopped to say hello to Sheila of Kett Cosmetics, Kett has found it's place in the Airbrush industry and Sheila has always been super wonderful about sharing her airbrush knowledge and tips and tricks with me. So I finally got to meet the gorgeous face on the other side of the phone!  She started out at MAC Cosmetics like I did so I definitely look up to her as an inspiration!

  Check out these awesome pictures from the competition for the special affects makeup. Pretty neat hu! I love this stuff! Truly an art and I have such high respect for these uber talented artists. Maybe we will see one of them on the next season of Face off?! love that show!

Pretty sure this looks like me when I wake up in the morning! Amazing job nonetheless!


This was a nail polish trend that caught my eye! Awesome mirror reflective nail goodness! I am always looking for ways to check out my lipstick without looking like Captain Obvious! Perfecto! WIN WIN!

Mr. Mr. to the right claimed GaGa gave him those! True or false? I am undecided!

Big bold bright eyes was what the Doctor ordered whether it was High fashion fantasy or just for fun! 

This girl to my left I just loved her to pieces!! I love when people confidently wear there creativity on their sleeve or this case literally on her face! Loved it and loved her!!

Lots of people with Bling! These sweethearts to my left were rocking the glitter liner an old school obsession with mine that will never die! Goonies never say die!

Bright colored hair in all colors was in attendance as, green, orange and pink taste the rainbow :)

Makeup Museum. Blast from the past of some amazing accomplishments and memorandum from way back when!Including but not limited to E.T. & Phantom of the Opera.  


Look at all of these super cool styling tools!! Love Retro Beauty! 

The crowd waited as the 600 seat Main Stage awaited the arrival of Kabuki! A legend in his own right! This man oozes artistry! Kabuki was first noticed on scene for his amazing face makeup in the clubs. It was then that he was scouted by Patricia Field to do makeup for HBO's Sex and the City. Since then he has gone on to do makeup for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry and more. He is so unbelievably gifted. Kabuki is also the Artistic Director for myface cosmetics. myface cosmetics was founded by Gail Federici & John Frieda, who reinvented hair care with Frizz-ease and Sheer Blonde. Opening soon in Fred Segal. 

Kabuki also created a one of a kind artistic piece for the face made out of swarovski crystal which he hand laid on the model as she laid down and he applied it all set to go with his knee pads strapped on and all :) That is something I cannot actually say I have in my kit yet! Just when you think you have it all :)
 Love his out of the box thinking! That is exactly what makes him outstanding!


On the left Kabuki is again thinking outside of the box using bellbottom blues blingtone eyeshadow on the models lips (A FAVORITE OF MINE!) by myface cosmetics. 


 Caught these two in action at the meet and great where Kabuki autographed the release of his new book. I overheard him describing it as more like a diary with all his drawings.

My own little memorabilia to take home to remind me that anything is possible to those who dream, you just got to believe in yourself!

Artistic Director, Kabuki & myself
 Representing myface cosmetics

IMATS 2012


It was an absolute pleasure to share with some wonderful people about myface cosmetics, Sharing the Love! Some stuff is just too good to keep it to yourself!

 IMATS 2012
Hope to see you next year!!!

It was definitely an action packed day full of adventure and beauty!
I enjoyed every bit of it!

Oh and I almost forgot this poor guy! 
 Ladies just my two cents....unless your man has an infinity for glitter liner your best bet is grabbing a friend :)

Till next time my lovelies.....xoxo
Sending happy thoughts your way!

Leave some love and comment!!

A picture's worth a thousand words!


  1. Looks like so much fun and lots of cool products!!

  2. Thank you!! It was amazing and I wish I could go back and do more shopping :)) xo

  3. I went but on Saturday not Sunday :( Maybe next year you get to go again and we can meet up :) Just came across your blog. Keep up the good work.

    xo from NYC-Chelise

    P.S. I have a giveaway going on, included is a 5 pc Hello Kitty Brush Set. So stop on by for all the juicy details.

  4. Hi Chelise!
    Great to meet you! I didn't get a choice
    For dates due to working the show. I want to go to NYC Makeup Show but can't this year :( please keep in touch I would love to meet you at a show! How fun!!


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