Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vendor Spotlight!!!!

"Photography With A Story"

In my time spent as a Makeup Artist, I have had the pleasure of crossing the paths of numerous talented & creative professionals. From Florists to Photographers, Wedding Planners to Videographers you name it and we have crossed paths. Whether it is a sampling of their work or maybe we meet them face to face. I love this job for many reasons but one reason is all the fabulous people I meet along the way!

I am absolutely delighted to introduce to you Hanlon Photography! Having met last year, I have had the pleasure of working with Hanlon Photography on several weddings. Her photojournalism style is only one of the things that appealed me to her work! Hanlon's pictures have captured the reactions of each couples, memories that will tell of a love story for years to come. A moment captured in time!

"Relaxed Portraits" also were something I found very appealing. When it came time to shoot the portrait session with the wedding party everything was captured! From classic & elegant photos to a variety of some that are more laid back, letting everyone's individual personalities shine through. Hanlon Photography's unique style puts the wedding party at ease in a relaxed atmosphere where they are encouraged to be themselves and have fun!

Angela Hanlon is the mastermind behind Hanlon Photography. One of the other things that stood out to me and I loved was her relaxed personal style. As opposed to being so aware the photographer was on the scene working Angela captured the important moments without taking away any attention from the bride and her beautiful day. On occasion I have witnessed that the process of taking the pictures become so apparent that it ALL becomes about the "shots" and you are very aware of the photographers presence. With Angela this was certainly not the case. While the pictures are a HUGE part of the day the process of taking the pictures should not take the focus off the bride.

Angela has been in the field several years now. Her photographic talent has led her to do work on photo shoots with children, maternity, family and weddings. Angela of Hanlon Photography likes to set herself apart by offering all the photos to her clients, not just the "finished" ones as she believes it would otherwise be, "Holding the clients photos hostage". Instead you would receive a complete set of photos because as Angela puts it, "They should have everything!!!"

The base package offered includes an engagement shoot, full day coverage of the wedding, all the photos on C.D., an engagement guest book, and small personalized cards for the tables. All wedding albums are offered a la cart so it is up to the clients if they would like one. Angela believes it is important to offer the option of a Second Shooter for special events to ensure no precious memories are left unseen.

It is with pleasure that I highly recommend Angela of Hanlon Photography for all your photographic needs!!

For more information, or to view her talent please check out her website at:


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