Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday's Bride

Friday's Bride

The day started with a bit of dismal weather that I noticed on my drive to meet with my Bride for her big day. I was hoping the weather would hold out for her. Either way I needed something that would hold up and do the job.

I have mentioned my love in previous posts for Makeup Forever Invisible HD Foundation. Just when you thought it could not get any did. The product is not new to the market but I love it like I just met it yesterday! Makeup forever Mix and Fix Spray!! I will include a link to it at the end of this post. Makeup Forever has a boutique in NYC where you can also place orders via phone. If you don't live
near the city you can also find these great products at your
local Sephora.

Before I myself personally used this product I read reviews that the Mist and Fix Spray by MUFE held up pretty well. It Helped the makeup last through more challenging weather elements. There were mixed reviews as you will find even with the best stuff. I always encourage people to do their homework on a product but keep in mind, we are all made differently and all have different preferences. With that said maybe buying from a place with a good return policy is enough to give some extra reassurance. So be sure to ask about that policy before you make the purchase.

I did some testing on it to see how it held up to saline (The closest thing to tears I could find at the moment).The first test I did was to put on the HD Foundation by MUFE (No Primer, which I do suggest you put on) I put a darker shade then my color on my arm. I Sprayed it with the Mist and Fix and put it to the test. I ran the saline down it and it really didn't do much of anything. This impressed me as when I ran saline down other brands it left a SOLID mark. Now I know by nature foundation that is silicone based will have more lasting power, which the MUFE does. I did not check out the staying power/saline resistance of foundation alone without setting spray, so maybe you prefer to wait till my research experiment is complete. That will be another project on my "To Do" list. I know this product claims to increase longevity under extreme conditions. So when you touch a tissue to it it will make a demarcation mark. Also tried it up to water and jumped in the shower although not water "PROOF" the results still impressed me. had water running on it and help well. it did start to wear off a little and if I put my finger through it, again you see a demarcation line. When i got out of the shower there was still a slight bit on and in the end I did have to rub firmly to try and remove the last bit. Overall I was impressed. I mean I showered with it!!

The things I would mention that would be a con for this product are that when you spray it, the mist may not be an even fine spray. I have even heard it suggested sometimes to spray on a tissue then pat on the face. I just spray it right on and seem to be fine. It does have a very light scent but no big deal. Sometimes a spray like this can feel slightly tacky so that it can do it's job (is my guess). However I have achieved good results and have had happy clients!

Back of bottle says: "Mist & Fix, a light and comfortable spray containing Chitosan marine extracts, sets makeup perfectly and acts as an invisible barrier against extreme conditions (environmental pollutants, temperature changes, etc...)
Instructions for use;
Spray 12-16 inches from face, eyes closed. Use over foundation for more longevity or after completed makeup application. Let dry and if needed carefully blot excess of with tissue."
It is also said to be alcohol free, which is always great! Lastly they recommend for refreshing makeup "Spray Mist & Fix on a thick tissue and pat gently on the face to refresh your makeup. then apply a veil of compact powder to give your complexion a velvety texture for the evening."

I touched base with my clients from the wedding I just did Friday and got good feedback. As one client put it, "It lasted all night!" So the weather might not have turned out to be perfect. One thing they could bet on though was there makeup would hold up to their expectations!!

Here is the link I mentioned earlier from Sephora:


  1. Andrea did my make-up for my sisters wedding (pictures above) and she did such a fabulous job!!! It lasted all night long and even after the tears came running down. As soon as I felt a tear streaming down I automatically thought I was going to have a big white streak going down my face, but I was totally wrong. You couldn't even tell! I was truly impressed. Even my eye make up held up perfectly!!! My skin looked so smooth and flawless and I can't even begin to say how many compliments I received throughout the night. I loved what an awesome job Andrea did and the first thing I did Sunday morning was go to Sephora and MAC and get the products she used on me. I would totally recommend Andreas services to anyone out there that has a special event to go to or even the people like me who don't use make-up often and don't really know how to apply. She was awesome and even shared some great tips with me and my mom!! :) Thanks again Andrea, you rock!

  2. Stephanie,

    Thank you for your very kind words and I am so happy you loved the makeup!!!! The makeup truly is amazing and I am so glad it went above and beyond for you! You both are so beautiful and I loved doing your makeup! Let me know should you have any holiday parties if you or someone you know would like their makeup done as well. Thank you for giving me the honor of doing your makeup!!


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