Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My August Bride

My August Bride

These are some pictures I am posting of my last bridal trial for one of my August Brides! Have I mentioned yet how absolutely stunning she is?? Can't wait to be there for her wedding day she is gonna be a gorgeous bride!

So we discussed a lot about makeup products at her trial. One of my greatest passions is product knowledge. Although I'm no scientist and sometimes I question whether the left side of my brain has had it's V8 yet today I love knowing what makes a product so great or less then great. I love learning about ingredients and anything I can really. most of all I really enjoy passing what I learn onto others.

One thing I discovered recently is that makeup doesn't have to be expensive to be fabulous!! I will talk more about that and give some great examples in some later posts. For now I want to focus on a wonderful product by Makeup Forever HD Invisible Foundation. This stuff is it!!! it is "THE BEE"S KNEES". I will talk a little but about it in a minute. I will definitely get into some features and benefits of this great product line as we all want to know, "What's in it for me??", and I will tell you!!!

So my bride was gonna really put this stuff to the test. What I do know is I told her how confident I was in this product. I had just used it on a photo shoot at the beach in the sun. We started the day of the shoot around 9 a.m. (Girls got to get her beauty sleep :) ) makeup was applied, we ate, we hit the beach on a windy day but the temperatures were pretty balmy. One of those days where you get in the car and feel like your makeup could be sliding down into your lap because the heat is so intense. Then we ate some more and when I went to do a touch up on the makeup between shoots and after meals I was surprised and delighted to find there wasn't much work for me to do. It was like the winning the publishers clearinghouse:)) Who has still yet to come to my door! Anyway this product lasted all day with such minimal touch up I was totally wowed! We ended the day at around nine p.m. and through intense heat, wind, food and more food it held up and exceeded my expectations.

My second test was to apply a rather much darker shade to my arm and set it with makeup Forever's Mist and Fix Spray. to see how the water resisting qualities were. So I decided best thing to do with it would be jump in the shower:) first I tried trickling some water on my arm and it was what I would consider minimally affected. I have seen makeup run and leave marks like nobodies business so i considered this pretty good. I jump in the shower it is my arm. I made sure it was wet. I then rubbed my finger across the stuff and it did cause a line (what would you expect after direct contact with water in the shower) but still was impressed at it's staying power of the HD foundation with the Mist and Fix Setting Spray that I have been told makes it water resistant. The part that didn't have my finger mark was there after direct contact with water. I love testing this stuff! But i get out of the shower and some is still on the arm I had to get a tissue and work it off. I would say this is pretty stinking good!!!

So lastly to testify to this product I put my August Bride to the test and sure enough it passed with flying colors. She was gonna be sure to keep her eye well focused on how it's lasting power was and when she tested it, it tested her right back. Another success story when it comes to Makeup Forever HD Invisible Foundation.

I will share a bit of product info. This stuff can be used even to help conceal! Before HD television came out products were composed of particles that had sharper edges. Then HD has entered the picture and it picks up EVERYTHING!!! Along comes this product that is made up of spherical particles that have round edges that the camera doesn't detect, HENCE the INVISIBLE Foundation! It looks flawless and comes in so many colors you can mix and match and even create more colors of your own! This product won the Allure Editor's Choice Awards. So this is a silicone based product is great because it is oil free and silicone molecules are too large to clog pores build up on the skin or look cakey. You can build your coverage and it wont look like a mask and it self sets. It is great on any skin type. The product will not feel heavy or look thick, yet has amazing coverage but is invisible. This is great for HD cameras. They are made to detect things six times closer then the natural eye can see. If it looks great on a camera that detect things six times closer then the natural eye can see then it will look great for every day use!!! This product locks and binds in moisture and will enhance any moisturizing product you might have on underneath. All skin types need moisture EVEN oily skin. It is a common mistake for people with oily skin to refrain from moisturizing but your skin will produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture making your problem worse. HD Invisibile Foundation also has a type of mica in it that is not your standard Mica. Your standard Mica is diamond shaped and will mirror back light where this form of mica will diffuse the light and actually help to minimize the appearance of any imperfections. You will find a very movable finish that moves with you and doesn't look or feel like a mask. So there you have it!!

In my opinion they sure broke the mold. try it out for yourself and see if it doesn't work wonders for you! This is a product you can feel good about wearing it won't just hide imperfections but has some benefits that make it well worth wearing!!!

Till next time,


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